When choosing a Realtor you have many options. But what is the best way for you?

There's always a family friend. There could be someone online from Zillow, or you could do some research and find your local Expert. Maybe you walk Open Houses until you find the "perfect fit". We want to know how you're getting connected with the most important person who has your back while buying or selling a home!

We advertise in all spectrums online to try to reach new clients, since Millenials are heavily influenced by online resources. We also hold Open Houses to meet people face to face, and we LOVE meeting new people! Also with our 25 years in business, it's safe to say we have a huge referral network as well from past clients. But what do YOU think is the best way for us to connect with future clients? We want to make sure to offer many avenues to make it easier on you guys!

Give us a comment below and share your thoughts and opinions! We love to hear your feedback =)